Best Photoshop Alternatives 2022

Finding the best photoshop alternative in 2022  isn’t an easy job to do. Especially the latest update of the adobe photoshop cc is released way better than any photo editing software out there. But if you need simple and easy image editing, then purchasing professional software like photoshop is a waste of money, I guess.

If you were also looking for a photoshop alternative to do the basic image editing, this article could help you. Luckily, there are a variety of additional image editing software solutions that provide amazing features and extensions to help you optimize your process.

9 Best Photoshop Alternatives

These alternatives will let you do most of the basic image editing like cropping, resizing, background changing, Adding filters, and many more exciting things. Some of these are online-based and free to use to some extent in this list.


Canva is the most used online web apps for graphics work. You can do basic image editing with ease. It is easy to use and has amazing features that make your journey smooth as Canva is a web-based online image editing platform, so there is no need to download and install it.

It offers you basic image editing and provides features that let you create visually appealing content for your social media content. With canva, you can create a team of up to 10 members who can work together. It offers 1GB of free storage and thousands of free templates and designs to work with.


You can call GIMP a perfect and identical photoshop alternative among today’s long list. The dashboard is also very identical to adobe photoshop, and according to the experts, it could replace adobe photoshop if it was a bit more user-friendly. It doesn’t mean that it’s not user-friendly at all. It’s an open-source photo editor software and came into the market 24 years ago, in 1996.

The editing platform integrates several professional tools that may easily deal with Photoshop’s capabilities. GIMP’s interface is also quite user-friendly, and it won’t take you long to become familiar with it. The best part of GIMP is that you can do your professional editing with it for free.


Darktable is also an open-source photo editing software that has all the potential to become an alternative to photoshop. The unique thing about this software is a bunch of talented photographers created this for all the photographers looking for photoshop alternatives.

A solid and advanced export system, connected photography for select camera manufacturers, non-destructive image post-processing all through the production, and superior color management are some of its current important features. With so many features and advantages, darktable also comes with some disadvantages.

According to the user review and complaints, it sometimes slows down and crashes. As it can process RAW images, users can’t work properly and meet deadlines because of its slow running issue. It also doesn’t have any mobile version.

Pixlr Editor

Pixlr photo editor is known as the online version of photoshop. Yes, it’s that famous among the users, and there are several reasons for that as well. The first thing is it’s free to use, and then it has tons of cool features, offers so many customizability options that users name it as photoshop or online.

Layers, masks, and an overall non-destructive picture editing process are all supported by Pixlr. You may not only import your photo but also retrieve it instantly from a URL or initiate a unique image from the start using this photo editing software.

With so many features and free-of-charge usage, Pixlr image editor also comes with ads that you must accept if you want to use it. Another thing that you must know before using it is, it requires Flash to run, so install Flash before using this editor.


There is a minimum possibility of knowing this software for your photo editing jobs. But it is popular and has a great reputation among those already using it as an effective photoshop alternative. It has some common features like a Light and Dark theme for personalizing it, an intuitive user interface to customize according to the specific workflow.

However, with common features, it also offers us some unique features like creating shortcuts for commonly used editing tools. With over 100 professionally made brushes, brush stabilizers, brush engines, brush resource manager Krita is a very handy image editor that you can give a try for sure.


Photopea is another web-based online photo editor that can compete with photoshop and become an alternative. The best part of using photopeak is it’s free, and despite being online-based, you don’t need to sign up (according to the latest update).

It gives the primary photo manipulation tools in a clean column along the workspace’s perimeter, with icons comparable to Photoshop’s. The functioning is fairly smooth for an online app, but this will, of course, rely on the strength of your network.

PhotoPea has basic RAW functionality, not all of Camera RAW / Lightroom’s functionality. The creator is responsive and active, which is unusual for freemium editing software of this caliber.

Affinity Photo

Affinity photo is the last but of course not the least photoshop alternatives. It’s a powerful and affordable photo editing software that lets you import RAW images and edit them. Some of this software’s best, unique, and most effective features are generating HDR images, focus stacking, and panorama stitching.

You can edit your images by creating layers of different parts as we do in adobe photoshop cc. So if your image has different parts and you need to work on them simultaneously, you can make them non-destructive using the layers.

In the year 2022 , several online web-based apps and software started to offer many unique and amazing features that can give tough competition to photoshop. But the truth is, it is almost impossible to find the best photoshop alternatives for 2022  as adobe photoshop is a complete and balanced package for image editing jobs. You can try the above editors and make your job done, so keep trying them out.

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