Terms of Service

Term and Conditions of Cutout Universe: 

Cutout Universe provides some terms and conditions for our users or visitors. Cutout Universe’s terms and conditions will screen your utilization of these site. At the point when you utilize our site, that implies you consent to acknowledge these terms and conditions in full.

In the other hand, you can’t use our website if you can’t resist misrepresenting these terms of agreement. Thus, if you don’t mind read these terms and conditions mindfully prior to utilizing the site. We apply these terms to all guests, clients, and other people who utilize our administration.

  1. Purchase:

If you want to purchase any kinds of services from Cutout Universe website, we may be asked you to give us certain information related to your purchase. And there are no limitations to asking.

  1. Changes:

Just we merit the privilege of these terms and conditions. We can alter or supplant these terms and conditions whenever. Prior to producing any new terms results, we will attempt to give in any event 20 days’ notification.

  1. Copyright notice:

This site and its substance is the replicating of our organization. We hold all the rights. You may follow these :

  • You may print or download to a restricted hard circle eliminates for your individual and non-business use as it were.
  • In effect, you can replicate the material for the external purposes.
  1. Site limitations:

Forth sensible attempts to keep our site useful. There might be specialized challenges, or support end up loving it brings about brief down now and again. For expanding admissible under the law of relevant, we save the privilege – 

  • Periodically and whenever.
  • To change or separating.
  • Temporarily or forever.
  • Function and highlights of our administrations.
  • With or with no notification.
  • For any interference.
  • All without obligation to you.
  • Modification
  1. Use of your Image:

We maintain whatever authority is needed to utilize any free preliminary pictures, for it’s a special capacity with the proprietor’s consent. On the off chance that you don’t need that utilization your picture as a preliminary, you will have the option to stop it by sending us an email to our site email address. It’s altogether up to you that you will allow us to utilize your picture or not.

  1. Quotes and orders:

If a client’s images didn’t match with the sample given with the original quote, we might cancel the order.

  1. Warranty and Disclaimer:

You will use the services at your own risk. Our assistance is provided based on “As Is” and “As Available.” We offer with little or no sort of warranties-

  • Both overt or tacit.
  • Including.
  • But not limited to
  • Implied warranties of merchantability
  1. Quality guarantee:

We promised to supply service of the highest quality. We will create cheap correction and modify the unlikely event that you don’t want as necessary. We give our customers quality assured services.

  1. Account password and security:

Cutout Universe will provide an account for their clients. You have to create an account for using our services, including your name, email, address, website name, select county, and services that you require. By following this process, you can create an account for yourself, and also, this account will need a password, according to you. Once you give a password to it, your work will ensure safety, and no one can log in to your account. This account will run by only your instructions. It is not necessary to encrypt the data and order files. So it is essential to create an understanding and password for your safety.

  1. Free trial:

Our company provides free trial services for new clients. We therefore retain the right to revoke any proceedings we intend. This free trial work is applicable for once time. Use the free trial option on our official website, just go to free test option and then have an original picture.

  1. Payment methods:

Before starting any work, we receive some advanced payment by credit card for works but not the full compensation. We also accept payment by PayPal, Western Union, Direct Debit, Skirl, and Pioneer.

  1. File storage policy:

When we complete a process of clients, we will keep the order file for two months. In 2 months’ time consumers must get their old order register. We should re-upload it after two months. The file is immediately erased otherwise. For some clients who work with us regularly, we will store his/her file for an extended period.

  1. Our services:

Cutout Universe provides many image editing services

  • Clipping Path
  • Shadow masking.
  • Photoshop services.
  • Photo editing services for photographers.
  • Best retouching services.
  • Background removal.
  • Color correction.
  • Banner design.
  • Hair masking.
  • Video editing.
  • Web design.
  • Cheap retouching service
  • Others Photoshop related services

For knowing more details about our services, visit our website.

  1. Privacy policies:

Cutout Universe has privacy policies, services to use of Cutout Universe site. To see our security strategy by understanding this, you comprehend and concur with the protection of our own. Any data you give can be perused and checked by us regardless of whether there are a specific information. Besides, you acknowledge and agree that net transmission is never entirely personal or secure by exploiting the site. You also agree that any messages or info you send to the site are also browsed or intercepted by others, albeit there’s a specific notice that one particular transmission is encrypted.

  1. What type of Image we avoid:

Cutout Universe stay away from naked, explicit, and creature executing or any fierce pictures that are carefully distributed. Thus, in the event that you will transfer these sorts of pictures, be careful.

  1. The data we gather:

Cutting Way gathers some data from our customers. The following is the rundown of data which we gather

  • Name of the customers.
  • Company name.
  • Country name, address, and contact number, and so forth
  • Other data identified with customers overview or offer.