With the Cutout Universe, you do not only get premium photo editing service, but you also get options for your payment methods. We have set our payment options so well that our clients don’t need to worry about how they are going to pay and what hassle they have to face during payments.

Monthly payments

Like all the other clipping paths, service providers’ Cutout Universe also has a monthly payments policy for our clients. You can pay half of the payment in advance and the rest after completing your order, but it’s not mandatory.

You can pick the date for the payment if you want as we work only for our clients.

Weekly payments

Sometimes clients want to pay weekly instead of monthly because they don’t want to get their list long when they have loads of image editing works every week.

We have weekly payment options for our clients so that they can pay us every week, and they get relief from freezing their payments.

Project Based Payments

Some of our clients suggested working on our project based payment method, so we listened to our clients and started our project based payment methods.

Now you can pay us on your project availability and pay us on a project basis.

We are one of the highly reputed clipping path service providers in the market because of our excellent image editing services and our flexible payment options.

Choose Your Own Payment Plan

Apart from our payment plans, you can also plan your own payment methods. You don’t need to pressure the payments as we ensure hassle free service for both image editing and customer support.

We believe in and always look to build a long term relationship with our clients, so we do not pressure our client. That’s why we let our clients choose their payment plans.

You can customize our payment plans as well. If you want to pay us on a project basis but want to pay us by combining two or three projects together, you can customize our project basis plan and pay us after completing every 2 or 3 projects.



Payment Methods We accept

We accept PayPal and bank transfers as our payment methods. All you need to do is fill out the form we give you where you will require to provide your company information about the project and let us know your payment plan.

We will send you an invoice according to your plan, and you can pay which payment methods you feel comfortable with.

If you dont feel comfortable with the two payment method we mentioned, you can suggest us your ones and we will look into it thoroughly.