Ghost Mannequin Service

Ghost MannequinGhost Mannequin Service

Ghost Mannequin Service is removing the mannequin from a product by image editing in Photoshop for e-commerce business. Ghost mannequin also is known as Neck Joint Service. Two or three pictures of the same clothing product worn by the mannequin are generally needed. With other images of the product, our highly skilled team can remove the dummy from the photos and make the image more online presentable.

Neck joints are exclusively capable of making digital images look great, attractive, and very compelling. Neck joint services are activities that make garment images more attractive, appealing, and have a realistic 3D effect to use on various online platforms. As mentioned previously, the joint neck services include other photo editing services to produce the significant impact of Ghost Mannequin or the Invisible Mannequin. To create good images, all of these services must be combined professionally.

Photo editors and graphic designers who have the necessary skills and knowledge with different software utilities such as Adobe Photoshop provide neck joint services. Neck Joint Services. Neck joints are susceptible as they require a lot of expertise. The neck joint service is completed by the following services: cutting path, upgrading and retouching images, and color correction, removal of background, image masking, and shadow creation services.

Neck joint

Neck joint making

If the picture is taken with the dummy from the top, the model must be removed from the neck. And the back part of the picture is added. We re-assemble the shadow and color correction to make the photo-realistic. This service is needed for dressing like trousers, pants, and t-shirts.

Bottom joint making

The shadow and the color correction differs entirely from the neck joint and the bottom joints. Products of clothing like a jacket, a cap, and a polo shirt need to be made perfectly for marketing. This includes only a few times a bottom and neck parts.

Bottom joint

Sleeve joint Service

This removal procedure is used to fix the hollow surface of the tissue. Long shirts, Panjabi, and other long tails contain sleeves from inside where the dummy is visible. 

Sleeve joint

That’s why the 3D view is lost. Even the neck, the bottom, and the sleeve may be like to join at a time. We perform this kind of operation by observing the shadow correction.

We use two different photos to remove the ghost model. One is the usual dummy photo. Another picture if the inside back of the dress. We delete the background on the first turn. Then we import another image of the inner background. Then the required part is to be cropped, and then the first image adjusted. We add a shadow with the photo before the final submission.

Most e-commerce clothing stores and fashion stores have used the service we provide to boost their sales. We are deeply proud of the projects we have completed and the quality levels that we constantly adhere to when we provide our customers with services that are more than satisfactory, always. As our services are exceptionally tailored and customer-centric, we always exceed the customers ‘ expectations. With the benefit of our services, you are certainly committed to becoming the most popular and selected clothing company in the industry.

Neck Joint Making

Neck joint making

Symmetric Mannequin

symmetric mannequin

Invisible Mannequin

Invisible Mannequin