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Picture Masking in Photoshop is a way to erase the current background of a picture that contains fluids, hair, or transparency. Take away the background from pictures with blurred edges or portions of hair. An object can be separated from the remainder by the Adobe Photoshop image masking technique. Photomasks and clipping path techniques remove or replace the background of the photo in images with different curved or soft borders or undefined ends of an image such as hair, fur, feather, smoke, flame, etc. A technique is used for cutting hard edges to mask the furry or soft edges. Where more precise details of soft edges cannot be taken with a simple cutter path, the photo masking method isolates the object from the background.

The image masking performs the same task as the clipping path but is used to extract from an existing background object with hair, fur, and blurred edges. The main aim is to keep hair and furry areas intact once they are isolated from the existing environment. At the same time, there should not be a stupid portion of the existing background throughout. Image masking is one of the most challenging artistic techniques in Photoshop. This sophisticated mechanism of Photoshop is performed with the Background Eraser Tool.

The expert cutting artists ensure that you are in the best position to obtain this service. Image masking is today the most wanted service, as the world currently operates in online shops and visual media. Even on the website and in the publishing of the magazine, image editing is required. For example, a model is natural and must be cut from the current background for use on the cover page of magazines. The model must now be removed from the background. In this case, masking and cutting paths are the best solutions.

Image Masking Categories in Photoshop:

Layer Masking: Layer Masking is where Masks are applied with soft and refined edge pen tablets directly to the layer. Use it as a background removal or as a separate item. Price can vary according to complexity and time.

Layer Masking Service
Layer Masking

Alpha Channel Masking: Masking the Alpha Channel separates the object from the background in which we save it as an alpha channel to change brightness, contrast, exposure, etc. later on. The size of the file is lighter for download/upload. This photo-masking is ideal for a single-colored background.

Alpha Masking
Alpha Channel Masking

Fur & Hair Masking: Fur & Hair Masking is separated by a soft edge Pen tablet for hair & fur from the background. If necessary, we use colors, luminosity, contrast, correct exposures, etc. to make natural objects. Masking photographs are more effective than hair-cutting.

Hair Masking
Fur Hair Masking

Refine Edge Masking: Refine Edge Masking selects a picture by using the Photoshop quick selection tool, where we apply the soft edge of the layer mask & refiner. It makes more natural pictures of the hair, pelts, potatoes, blankets, fabrics, animals, trees, etc.

Refine Edge Masking service
Refine Edge Masking

Transparent Object Masking: Masking transparent objects with 0% -5% opacity & light can pass through the object’s glass, car glass, regular shows, glass bottle, water, etc. This process is applied in order to retain transparency and make objects visible in color or background.

Transparent Masking
Transparent Object Masking

Translucent Object Masking: Translucent item Masking works with sunglasses, frosted glass & paper, plastic bottles, and fabrics such as muslin, bridal veil, etc. are translucent items, the service is provided with 5% -100% opacity. The objects and pictures are small light to identify with flimsy.

Translucent Masking
Translucent Object Masking

Object Masking: Masking of objects means masking object, an inappropriate part of an image with a quick selection tool will be selected and masking with the layer mask removed. Masking of objects is very helpful in removing image deformations.

Object Masking Service
Object Masking

Color Masking: The colored mask is used to cut an image on the entire edge or outline rather than 1 or 2 pixels inside and avoiding the hollow line. Later the designers apply various effects, such as correction of color & exposure, editing, etc.

Color Masking Service
Color Masking

The term masking of images is used to protect the part of an image from professional image editors by creating a mask. By masking, you can improve your digital pictures ‘ final quality. Our professionals in photo masking can remove clamped edges and make the image look well defined. Image masquerade demands both experience and expertise, so that a professional provider of image masking, such as Cutout Universe, can be accessed. You can count on us for excellent photo masking, background knockouts, neck joints, image manipulation, image retouching (pictures), photo editing, picture masking and photo editing, photo masking, deep-graving, etc.

Hair Masking

Hair Masking

Fur & Hair Masking

Fur & Hair Masking

Erase Masking

Edge Masking