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clipping path

How to use clipping path services to improve your photos

Clipping path services can be a precious tool for improving your photography. Removing unwanted elements from photos allows you to focus on the main subject and create more stunning images. This post will show you how to use clipping path services to improve your photos. We’ll also provide a few tips on finding the right service provider. So let’s get started!

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Photoshop Alternatives 2022

Best Photoshop Alternatives 2022

Finding the best photoshop alternative in 2022  isn’t an easy job to do. Especially the latest update of the adobe photoshop cc is released way better than any photo editing software out there. But if you need simple and easy image editing, then purchasing professional software like photoshop is a waste of money, I guess.

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Photo Editors

Why You Shouldn’t Go For Free Photo Editors

The best free photo editors will make it simple to change your photos – revising tones, eradicating flaws, and considerably more. Here I have written about some free photo editors which you can use for editing your photos.

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remove background in gimp

How to remove background in gimp

If you are an illustrations planner, now and again, you are needed to remove the background from a picture. It may look tough to do, yet it is elementary, mainly when you utilize GIMP. 

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install brushes in Photoshop

How to install brushes in Photoshop free

The Brush Tool is a beautiful element. If you are a designer or advanced painter, you ought to become acquainted with it. With the choice to make or download free photoshop brushes, you’ll need to develop the meeting presets effectively accessible.

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Image masking

Why Masking is necessary in image processing?

Image masking is an aspect of photo editing that allows you to distinguish one part of the image from the rest of the photo. Typically, this involves changing the transparency level for part of the image or removing the rest of the picture. Masking is very useful when you need to remove part of the rest’s image, but poorly defined edges make it difficult.

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Shadow creation

Create shadow in illustrator

Shadow creation is an image editing service that most of the product photos need to build a trustworthy impression over the audiences. You will get to know a couple of shadow creation types such as drop shadow, mirror shadow, natural shadow, and reflection shadow while working.

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Sims 4 photography

The Sims 4 Photography Skill Guide 2021

The Sims 4 photography skill gets to figure and have a photography ability that enables you to make some cash or enhance your domestic with pictures of your Sims life. These aptitudes will incorporate controls, monetization, and photography mechanics to help you create the foremost of your skills.

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color grading and color correction

How to get better at Color Correction and Color Grading Photographs?

One of the most critical activities when editing a photo or video is color correction and grading. It is a post photo or videography process. These are the settings for the black and white, exposure, contrast, and white balance levels. This returns the captured image to the exact raw colors that filmmakers expected.

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Photo Retouching

Things You Should Know Before You Start Wedding Photography Business

Wedding photography means wedding activities related to photography. Photographers capture photos of the married couple before/after marriage, as well as wedding and reception day. It is a significant business venture that promotes the bulk of several photography studios or independent photographers’ efforts.

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